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The township Assessor might more accurately be called an appraiser. The Assessor does not levy a tax, but rather places a value on (assesses) all property for tax purposes, appraising it at it’s fair market value. The County Clerk compiles a list of all lands and lots to be assessed, including those which are taxable, or which have become taxable for the first time. These lists are conveyed to the Township Assessor through the office of the County Supervisor of Assessments. The Assessor must then determine the market value. Township Assessors use the same principles , techniques and methodologies as those employed by fee appraisers with only slight versions to accommodate the uniformity criteria of the state.The ultimate purpose of the assessed value is to apportion the tax burden, as established by the taxing bodies, over all property in a fair and equitable  manner based on market values of the real estate.

  • McHenry County Office of Assessments

  • Assessment appeal process in McHenry County

What is the assessment appeal process in McHenry County?

How to file an assessment appeal:

  • Exemptions

What are “EXEMPTIONS” and am I getting all the exemptions that I am entitled to? Exemptions are an amount of money deducted from your assessment before the tax rate is applied when calculating your property tax.

EXEMPTIONS SAVE YOU TAX DOLLARS. The following are the most common exemptions available: most common exemptions

  • Understanding your assessment Notice:

What Is Your Assessment Notice