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The Township Assessor

The Township Assessor is elected to a four-year term.  The Assessor establishes and maintains a property valuation system that fairly and equitably distributes the revenue (dollars approved through the levying process) required to operate the local governments among the township property owners. The Township Assessor determines the assessed value of property, both land and buildings with the exception of farmland, within the boundaries of the specific township.  In Illinois, the statutory level of assessments is one-third of market value.

The Township Assessor is responsible for discovering/identifying, listing and determining the fair cash value of most property within the jurisdiction.  All property is valued and assessed as of January 1 of the tax year.  Establishing equitable assessments among like properties is a critical aspect of the assessor’s role.  This will insure that all township property owners are afforded their constitutional right to equal treatment and equal taxation under the law.

The assessed valuation of real estate will determine the tax burden that is created by the taxing bodies which include schools, counties, townships and municipalities.

This process is complex and may create questions.  Please contact this office with any questions that you have.  You may contact John Killeen via email at or telephone at 815-943-8456.

John Killeen
Certified Illinois Assessing Officer
Chemung Township Assessor

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