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Welcome to the Chemung Township Website! 

Chemung Township is located in the northwest area of McHenry County.  It is home to the City of Harvard, rural communities of Big Foot, Lawrence, and Chemung plus the land where crop land is plentiful.

Please check out what your township officials are doing for you, the citizens, which work and live within it boundaries.

McHenry County Health Department Notice (food pantry information)

Township Meetings

Second Wednesday of each month at 6:01 p.m.
Chemung Township / 807 8th St. / Harvard, IL 60033

Assessor’s Property Record Cards

John Killeen

Sketches are not guaranteed to exact. Any inaccuracy’s observed in the information displayed should be reported to the assessor for corrective action to be scheduled.

Click here to search for property record card.
Click on Ctrl+F to search for your parcel number.

Assessor’s Sales Page

The Chemung Township Assessor would like to invite you to view past and new Sales on the Assessor page.

Special Meetings


2017/2018 Town and Road Fund Budgets
2019/2020 Town and Road Fund Budgets
2019/2020 Highway Budget

Levy Ordinances:

Levy Ordinance NO. 2019-1
Tax Levy Ordinance 2020-2021
Tax Levy Ordinance Road District 2020-2021


Date:  11-29-2021

The Chemung Township Assessor will have field agents on the streets for the purpose of updating records and acquiring new photos of properties.

Agents will be working in the area south of W Diggins Street and West of Rt 14 in Chemung Township from the end of November through December weather permitting.

Chemung Township Assessor

John Killeen

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